Jan 29/21 – CBC Day Six: Kicking out For-Profit Operators won’t be enough to fix Long-Term Care, says Geriatrician

 Jan 28/21 – CUPE: Canada’s second largest Long-Term Care operator is “making a killing” cheating taxes, report shows

Jan 26/21 – Toronto Star: The problem with Profits: As Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes stagger under a COVID death toll of more than 3000, some say it’s time to shut down for-profit homes for good

Jan 25/21 – BC Govt – Progress Reviewof COVID-19 Response in Long-Tern Care Released

Jan 22/21 – Progress Press – Majority of complaints to BC Health Authorities linked to For-Profit Operators

Jan 7/21 – B.C. Govt: Weekly COVID-19 Outbreak Report Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living Facilities

Dec 18/20 – CBC: These nursing home chains have the highest COVID-19 death rates in Ontario, data analysis finds

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Dec 09/20 – CBC: 2 Ontario LTC operators got $157M in COVID-19 aid. They also paid $78M to shareholders

Sept 11/20 – BCHC – We Won

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June 17/20 – Tyee: The Shocking Problems in B.C.’s Assisted Living Homes for Seniors

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June 15/20 – Vancouver Sun: Daphne Bramham: It’s finally time to build a decent long-term care system

June 12/20 – Toronto Star: CEO of Sienna Senior Living, a private long-term-care company hit hard by COVID-19, resigns

June 11/20 – HuffPost: Jagmeet Singh ‘Appalled’ Extendicare Planning $10 M Payout Amid COVID-19 Crisis

June 9/20 – CTV NEWS: Rehired for lower wages: A look at B.C.’s long-term care home sector

June 5/20 – The Tyee: Unionization at Deadly Care Home Signals Change, Says Expert

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June 1/20 – Rank and File: Ford government moving ahead with home care privatization bill

June 1/20 – Issues boiling over at Cranbrook Seniors home after resident sexually assaulted despite staff warnings

May 26/20 – Vancouver Star: Canada’s Military exposes “Extremely Troubling” conditions in Ontario Care Homes

May 25/20 – Press Progress: Over 90% of Corporate Directors at Canada’s Biggest For-Profit Nursing Homes Have No Medical Qualifications

May 21/20 – CUPE: Mark Hancock calls on Trudeau to fix long-term care Now

May 10/20 – CTV News – Canada must put an end to privately owned long-term care homes, Singh

May 8/20 – CLC – Canada’s Unions call for overhaul of long-term care system

May 8/20 – Toronto Star – For-profit nursing homes have four times as many COVID-19 deaths as city-run homes, Star analysis finds

May 7/20 – Ottawa Citizen – ADAM: COVID-19 and private care homes – the logic of profit is not the same as the logic of care

May 7/20 – Coast Reporter – Trellis is no different

May 7/20 – Vancouver Sun – Family sues West Van care home for $2.2 million after Mom dies following alleged mistreatment

May 7/20 – CTV News – You deserve a raise’: PM says deal reached to top up wages for essential COVID-19 workers

Apr 28/20 – Coast Reporter – Reforms could have lessened COVID impact on care homes, say Advocates

Apr 24/20 – CBC – Canada’s for-profit model has failed the elderly, says leading expert.

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Apr 17/20 – Toronto Star – Management at three nursing homes failed to protect vulnerable residents and staff, alleges Nusing Association in court.

Apr 16/20 – The Toronto Star – ‘Furious and scared’: Long before COVID-19, these families knew Canada’s long-term-care system was broken

Apr 15/20 – CBC – Ontario scaled back comprehensive, annual inspections of nursing homes to only a handful last year

Apr 11/20 – Montreal Gazette – Public Health, police, find bodies, feces at Dorval seniors’ residence: sources

Apr 11/20 – CTV News – Private Seniors Care Home CHSLD Herron Under Investigation for Gross Negligence of residents.

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Feb 24/20 – Global News: Interior Health Takes Control of Seniors Home in Summerland Due to Concerns of Inadequate Care

Feb 20/20 – Chilliwack Progress: Chilliwack’s Waverly Seniors Village deemed a ‘high risk’ facility by Fraser Health

Feb 17/20 – Globe and Mail: Long-term care homes for B.C. seniors: profit without risk

Feb 11/20 – North Shore News: New Owners of West Van’s Inglewood Care Home Look to Rebuild and Expand

Feb 6/20 – Coast Reporter: Seniors Not For Sale

Feb 6/20 – Coast Reporter: Report puts lie to claims

Feb/20 – Seniors’ Advocate BC: A Billion Reasons to Care – A Funding Review of Contracted Long-Term Care in B.C.

Jan 26/20 – CBC: Staff at Extendacare Nursing Home Abused Woman Before Her Death from Dehydration, Says Report

Dec 12/19 – CBC: 3rd B.C. seniors’ home owned by Chinese company fails standard of care, placed under Health Authority control

Dec 12/19 – CBC: Vancouver Island Health takes over operations of Victoria seniors home after damaging report

Dec 8/19 – Globe & Mail: Care for Canada’s seniors shouldn’t be offloaded to foreign companies

Dec 8/19 – Globe & Mail: Care for seniors suffered as Retirement Concepts battled labour shortage with hires not checked for required training

Dec 4/19 – Globe &Mail: Ottawa has no way to tell if China-owned Seniors care facilities kept staffing promises, B.C. watchdog says

Dec 3/19 – Globe & Mail: B.C. Health Authorities intervene in three China-owned Senior care facilities after reports of neglect

Nov 29/19 – Vancouver Sun: Second rest home owned by Chinese insurer Seized.

Nov 28/19 *CR Letter – A Life or Death Issue

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Oct 29/19 – PPHC: Press Release

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Oct 3/19 – Times Colonist: Nanaimo Seniors Care Home “BEYOND CRISIS” Union says

Oct 2/19 – Times Colonist: Island Health takes over Seniors’ home amid allegations of abuse, neglect

July 3/19 – BC Govt: More choice, a stronger voice helps seniors make long-term care decisions

June 30/19 – CBC: Sudden closure of nursing home leaves 91 year-old with nowhere to sleep but hospital hallway


Feb 20/19 – The Local: New Care Home will be Bound by Labour Agreements

Mar 14/19 – Global News: Province taking over Senior home care

Feb 14/19 – Coast Reporter: Labour Deal Clears way for Trellis Long-Term Care Facility

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Sept 27/18 – Coast Reporter: Dix Mum on Trellis Project

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Jun 22/18 – Vancouver Sun: Part 7 :  Seniors care in B.C.: Dementia wave set to make institutions more responsive to residents

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Mar 27/17 – CBC NEWS: Privatization of Seniors’ care leading to poor quality service, think tank says.

Mar 27/17 – The Type: Failing to meet basic standards, BC Liberals abandon Seniors.

Mar 27/17 – Vancouver Sun: Access to Care for B.C. Seniors declining due to privatization: Report

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Mar 8/17 – Province – Opinion: Seniors shouldn’t be a private equity money-maker

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Dec 21/16 – The Local: Meeting on Public care Jan. 28

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 Oct 6/16 – Coast Reporter (Letter): Critics come together

Oct 5/16 – The Local: Minister says private care home is all BC can afford

Sep 30/16 – CBC News: Sunshine Coast residents angered by public-to-private long-term care switch 

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Jun 16/16 – Coast Reporter – Town Hall set to discuss residential care changes

Jun 8/16 – The Local: Care centre will add 20 beds

Jun 2/16 – Coast Reporter: VCH announces new residential care facility, Totem, Shorncliff to close summer of 2018

May 19/16 – The Local: Surveying the seniors’ care homes

Feb 5/15 – Coast Reporter: VCH puts out call for seniors care facility