Protect Public Health Care – Sunshine Coast

We are a grassroots organization, composed of citizens of the Sunshine Coast, opposed to the plan by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to contract with a private for-profit contractor to build and operate a residential long term Senior’s care facility.  

Our steering committee is comprised of representatives of senior’s organizations, health care providers, family members of residents in long-term care and other concerned citizens.

The purpose of the group:

  • To provide leadership and organization to the efforts of those opposed to the decision by VCH to move Senior’s residential care from the health authority to a private for-profit contractor.

  • To have this plan reversed and for VCH to enter into meaningful community engagement.

  • To educate the public about the consequences of privatization and funding cuts that have already taken place within our health care facilities.

  • To help safeguard our community against further eroding quality health care for our seniors.

  • To build a bridge to other communities whose public health care facilities are under attack.

Oct. 2016