ANBANG: Great Letter to PM Trudeau by Local Resident, Eleanor Lenz

Honorable Prime Minister Trudeau
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa Ontario.

Honorable Trudeau:                 Re:Anbang Insurance Group

We are so deeply concerned and disappointed in you and your
government.  We were shocked to hear that you would allow our health
care system to be put in jeopardy by selling British Columbia’s
biggest retirement home chain to Anbang, a Bejjing insurance company
with a questionable ownership structure.

What are you thinking?  Our country Canada and our Province British
Columbia  should be in control of what is happening to our Health
Care system.  Our care should not be in the hands of another country
and definitely no privatized.

Countries like Norway for example are in control of their resources
and health care system and are extremely wealthy and their people
happy.  I know as I have relatives there.  A few years ago we had
visitors from Norway.  We visited a relative in a long term care
hospital in the Lower mainland.  She was shocked to see that lunch
was delivered to the residents in a plastic compartment box and
plunked on a bare table.  In Norway they have table clothes and
proper plates and cutlery.

In Sechelt Vancouver Coastal Health is in the process of selling out
our long term care to a private company Trellis.   There was no
community engagement with the people who are going to be affected.
Since that time it has been made very clear to the BC Government that
the people on the Sunshne Coast want our health care system to remain
public.  The BC Government and the Federal Government have forgotten
that it is the people in this country who vote for you to keep our
systems safe and not to hand them over to foreign companies.

I was so pleased when you were voted in Mr. Trudeau, however that has
changed.   I am very disillusioned with what is going on in Canada
and British Columbia with health care.

Our health care must not be eroded any further.  Stop privatization
of the public health care system.  Our health care system should not
be in the hands of Foreign companies for profit.

Sincerely yours,

Eleanor Lenz
George Lenz

copy to Premier John Horgan
Andrew Weaver Leader of the Green Party
Pamela Goldsmith-Jones
Nicholas Simons MLA NDP
Andrian Dix Health Minister BC
Wendy Hunt